I was suffering from low mood, terrible anxiety and bouts of anger. I decided to see Rebecca. A nutritional plan was put together for me and I followed it for two months. At the end of the period I had more energy, felt better in mood and the foggy head, I had experienced for months on end had cleared.  JW

I was experiencing recurring cystitis that was beginning to affect my daily life. I went to see Rebecca who helped me with my diet and recommended supplementation. Within 6 weeks I was experiencing less bouts of cystitis and there afterwards had reduced the episodes of cystitis down to a couple of times a year.  SS

I went to see Rebecca when I was going through an extremely stressful divorce, I had no energy, felt tired all the time and suffered with constant stomach bloating. She put me on a specialised diet, helped to support my adrenal glands, and brought awareness to how I could improve my lifestyle and look after myself more. After a couple of months I had more energy, didn’t feel as tired all the time and the issues with my stomach had completely disappeared.  NL

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