I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation to see if nutritional therapy is the right option for you.

Initial Consultation – 75 minutes

A pre-questionnaire and diet diary is completed, prior to your appointment.

At consultation a full history is taken and information is gathered utilising your pre-questionnaire and diet diary.

Following consultation, I will provide you with a plan and dietary recommendations to follow which could include supplements as well.

* Telephone and/or skype consultations can be made by arrangement.

Follow up – 60 minutes

After around 4 – 6 weeks a follow up appointment is booked and we discuss how you have been getting on with your individualised plan and make any amendments as necessary.

* Telephone and/or skype consultations can be made by arrangement.

Testing and Lab Fees

Testing can be discussed during consultation and if appropriate a wide range of testing can be utilised for e.g. allergy intolerance testing, blood tests, stool tests, hair mineral analysis.

Please note supplements, herbal remedies and all other laboratory tests are in addition to clinic fees.

If you would like to book an appointment, please contact Rebecca

Phone – 07545 142712

Email –

Wye Nutrition, Symonds Yat Rock, Gloucestershire GL16 7NZ       07545 142712